Lagos and the Algarve


Lagos is a great city in the west of the Algarve suitable for all ages.

It is a city of historical importance which originated in 2000 BC known as Lacóbriga.
The shipping industry always has been of great importance to Lagos, originally home to the Phoenicians and Carthaginians. In the 15th century, it became the base for the "voyages of discovery" under the guidance of Henry the Navigator. Trade between Africa and Portugal brought a great wealth to the city.

The older part of Lagos is still surrounded by city wall ( the Muralha) that was built in the 16th century, in the time it was the residence of the governors of the Algarve.

The fort, Ponta da Bandeira next to Praia de Batata, is part of the fortress from the 17th century that were added to protect the city. Across the road you will find the Porta de São Gonçalo (St.Gonçalo 's port) with an observation tower  on either side and on the right side of this tower is the Governors' Castle (an Arab construction).

Diner and night live

Lagos is full of history, but it is also a vibrant city. In the middle of the city, is the Praça Gil Eanes. This square is often the scene for evening entertainment throughout the year - a living statue, live music or a medieval fair are just some of the events that are held there. If there is a soccer game cafes will have big screens in the squares and there is a brilliant atmosphere.
There are several streets leading to the Praça Gil Eanes where you can find restaurants with food for everyone's taste! The centre of Lagos is not very big, but it can be a bit confusing! There are so many small streets that cross each other, it is quite easy to get lost. But as long as you continue to walk down hill it will always take you back to the centre! There are plenty of bars that stay open until the early hours in the summer and  people of all ages and nationalities enjoy the city. Several bars and restaurants are "tucked away" in the small street, so do not hesitate to explore these cute little streets.

Beautiful beaches

The beach lovers will find several small beaches and bays with the famous rock formations in Lagos. Especially Praia Dona Ana and Praia do Camilio are very lovely. The beautiful Porto de Mós beach is at the higher tourist district Torralthina. Not to be missed is the 4 km long sandy beach Meia Praia for wonderful days in the sun. The famous and impressive rock formations of Ponte da Piedade is also worth a visit.


Visit the lovely towns of Praia de Luz, Alvor and Albufeira. Of course you can also enjoy a day of shopping in Guia near Albufeira (Algarve Shopping) and Portimão (Auqa Shopping). 
A "must see" is the west coast with its beautiful bays and beautiful beaches like Arrifana and Carrapateira. Great for surfers. Absolutely worth visiting are Sagres with its Fortaleza de Sagres and Cabo de São Vincente.

In each apartment you will find a book with sightseeing trips and tips for nice restaurants.

Enjoy your stay!!